In November of 2001, the idea of formulating an inclusive program of study serving an ever increasing diverse population of learners became the vision of two educators.

After teaching for a number of years and recognizing the difficulty instructors face trying to reach all students, these individuals' desire was to develop a plan that would better serve the educational needs of each learner, regardless of their differences provided they could be taught alongside their peers in the classroom.  

The premise has always been that when a youngster demonstrates the desire to learn, has strong family support, and is placed in the right learning environment, academic success is inevitable.

With that said, in 2003, one of these individuals proceeded to look for land on the Westside of Jacksonville and found a parcel at Brannan Field/Chaffee and 103rd street.  It was their intent to acquire the property, build a school and proceed with the vision.  As it turns out, the plan did not come to fruition in that manner.

Indeed the property was purchased in February of 2005; however the better part of 2004 and 2005 was spent dealing with the city council, the planning and development as well as the zoning departments, getting exceptions and waivers approved.  After securing the property, Millennial Christian School ran up against tremendous, unexpected opposition from commercial developers in the area who tied up the project in litigation for several years, keeping things from moving forward. 

During that time, a location was found nearby, a lease was signed and MCS opened its doors for the school year of 2005-2006.  In March of 2007 the final mandate came down from the Tallahassee district Court of Appeals allowing the zoning change.

Believing that to be the location for a new facility, MCS leadership began the process.  After several failed attempts to develop the site, because of different issues that arose with DOT and JEA, it became very clear that MCS' acquisition of the land was for another purpose, later to be identified.

 Since those early beginnings, MCS has undergone an incredible amount of growth and development, consistently remaining true to its original mission "to target the needs of each individual student."  

MCS is in its 14th year of operation.  A new chapter in the story began on December 27, 2018, when MCS established a permanent location by purchasing the property where it is located, at 5975 Park Street.  The Administration and staff is looking to the future with great anticipation as it continues serving the students in the surrounding community.  Acquiring this property gives MCS the ability to expand its educational program, offering more families the opportunity to send their young people to a school that focuses on the individual learner and not a set program of studies.  Stay tuned for great things to come!

June 2024 - It has taken time for Millennial to build back the momentum lost during the Covid years.
Although setbacks occurred, adjustments were made and a lesson previously learned throughout MCS’ journey prevailed: “Let Go and Let God”.

2025 will mark MCS’ 20th Anniversary and as God continues to bless and direct, Millennial is positioning itself to carry on with the vision of serving students academically while helping them recognize their unique traits and what God’s plan might be for their lives.


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